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Chinese Seals

Seal CarvingChinese Seal Carving Services by Artist Huang He

We are honored to offer the Chinese seal carving services of award winning artist Huang He to our customers. The cost for carving each seal depends on the type of stone used to create the Chinese seal carving, and the number of Chinese characters to be carved on the stone.

The cost of the Chinese seal carving service listed on this page is for carving one of the seals we offer for sale on this site, either in our Chinese Calligraphy Sets or one of the individual Chinese Calligraphy Seals we offer. $99.95

Already Have a Chinese Seal Carving Stone?

If you already have a Chinese seal carving stone and you would like to have it carved by Mr. Huang He you may contact us for pricing information. We will require you to send us the seal or provide us with good photos and detailed information on the type of stone, size and number of characters that will be carved onto the seal

Personalized Seals Personalized Name Stamp
This artist's stamp is personalized with the translation of your name into Chinese characters, also known as Japanese Kanji or Korean Hanja. The translation will match your interests if possible
Personalized Seals


Oriental Frames


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