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Rainbow Calligraphy

Chinese Rainbow Calligraphy is an ancient art form that dates back at least 2,000 years to pictography engraved on Neolithic pottery. Under the Han dynasty, our own alphabet is also believed to have begun with picture writing. Just as some English names were derived from certain Greek meanings, masters of Chinese Rainbow Calligraphy aim to portray an individual's name through skillful colorful brush strokes in a fascinating way. The world knows you by your first name, which is perhaps the reason why such meaningful art has been developed at all.


One has never heard of Chinese Rainbow Calligraphy??? Of course not, as these sacred masterpieces of art can only previously be found in the ancient world of the Orient, until now. Find out for yourself just how wonderful these personalised art items are! Observe carefully. Personality of "Richard" as interpreted by Chinese Rainbow Calligraphy symbols : Crane=Longevity Bird=Happiness Dragon=Power
   What is Chinese Rainbow Calligraphy? To explain this type of unique artwork, your English first name is first translated into its Chinese equivalent. For example, the name "Richard" can be translated into the Chinese equivalent of "Lei Chat".
This translated name can now be represented by Chinese characters. Instead of painting the characters in the classic Chinese way, the brush strokes are skillfully painted by Calligraphy masters, in an array of vibrant colors using specially made brushes. The most interesting thing part is that the combination of strokes will eventually be made to resemble certain types of Eastern symbols. Different Chinese characters will consist of different sets of symbols where each symbol has its own unique meanings e.g.Dragon=Power, Phoenix=Nobility, Bird=Happiness, etc. Hence, every name will have its own combinations of symbols which reflects the individual's personality. Our selection of Rainbow Calligraphy products serve as a great collectable momento for everyone. They also make very extraordinary wall decorations to impress your visitors. The following options are available for your choosing :-

- Name Potrait of Individual
- Names Potrait of Couples (with 'Love' sign)
- Name Potrait of Family Members

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Lotus Design
Maiden Design
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Chinese painting is a highly respected form of artistic expression among the Chinese. Appreciate its oriental beauty by hanging it up on the wall. Hand-painted on sturdy rice paper.


Lotus Design

Dimensions: 205 cm x 55 cm / 82 inches x 22 inches Artwork: 95 cm x 38.8 cm / 38 inches x 15.5 inches Delivery: 2 weeks US$160.00

Maiden Design

Dimensions: 177.5 cm x 57.5 cm / 71 inches x 23 inches Artwork: 95 cm x 38.8 cm / 39 inches x 15.5 inches Delivery: 2 weeks maidenscrollUS$160.00

Waterfall Design

Dimensions: 175 cm 70 cm / 70 inches x 28 inches Artwork: 94 cm x 53 cm /37 inches x 21 inches Delivery: 2 weeks waterfallscrollUS$160.00

Framed Chinese Calligraphy

Good Fortune

More Framed Calligraphy


Chinese calligraphy is an art with an illustrious tradition as old as the culture itself. For nearly two thousand years the standards of excellence of the art have remained almost unchanged. Today, Chinese calligraphy is still considered an elegant art form not only in China, but in neighboring countries such as Japan and Korea as well. Unlike the usual black and white colours associated with chinese calligraphy, the calligraphy below have been painted using a thick gold paint to create a unique 3D effect.

The unique design of the hook (see inset) that is attached to the top of the frame gives the framed calligraphy an oriental touch which is further enhanced with the classic chinese wooden frame. The colour red on the border is often believed to be auspicious. Great for any occasion! The chinese character for this piece of calligraphy means 'Good Fortune'. Businessmen will definitely cherish this! Placed in the home, it is believed to bring good fortune to the household as well! Dimensions: 20 x 20 cm / 8 x 8 inches.
Delivery Time: 2 weeks US$48.00