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Hanakotoba means, "The Language of flowers." If you know Hanakotoba, it will help you when you send folowers to someone special.
Below is a list of occassions and the flowers which will best express your intentions and feelings.


  For Birthdays      
  Hanasyoubu Iris Noble heart  
  Tsuyukusa Spiderwart Respect  
  Himawari Sunflower Love & Respect  
  Kosumosu Cosmos Heart of girls  
  Sazanka Sasanqua Reliance and modesty  
  Kikyo Bellflower Respect  
  Ume Plum Pure and true  
  For Lovers      
  Sumire Violet Please love me  
  Wasurenagusa Forget me not True love  
  Momo Peach Happiness of love  
  Lilac Lilac First Love  
  For Engagements      
  Sakurasou Primrose Home, longing  
  Clover Clover Fortune  
  Sweet Pea Sweet Pea Joy  
  Suzuran Lilly of the valley Promise of happiness  
  Kuchinashi Gardenia Pure  
  For Weddings      
  Freesia Freesia Immaculate  
  Kasumisou Gypsophila Innocent heart  
  Jasmine Jasmine Happiness  
  Poinsettia Poinsettia Blessing  
  Get Well      
  Nanohana Rape blossoms Cheerful  
  Poppy Poppy Consolation or Comfort  
  Rengyou Forsythia Hope  
  For New Born      
  Mokuren Magnolia Sublime, Love for nature  
  Yamabuki Yellow Rose Noble  
  Yamafuji Wild Wistria Beautiful birth  
  Petunia Petunia Relief  
  Mother's Day      
  Carnation Carnation Passion  
  Katorea Catteya Graceful lady  
  Father's Day      
  Himawari Sunflower Love and Respect  
  Kiku Chrysanthemum Elegant  

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