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  Traditional painters of the Western discipline have always considered Orientals to be the "Masters of the Brush". It is logical for these artists to study the ancient arts and incorporate this wisdom of design and brush techniques into their art. Many Sumi-e artist's come from diverse artistic backgrounds, several of the artists listed are accomplished traditional oil and watercolor painters who have been drawn to Oriental art and share a love for Brush Painting.

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Shirley Bicke'l Evans Feng Shui Cats


The Art of Sumi-e




Lilith Ohan, Sumi-e Artist and Teacher

Soft Brush Studio
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Darlene Kaplan Sumi-e
Kaplan Oriental Brush Painting
D. Kaplan Sumi-e   Kaplan Sumi-e Art
Soft Brush Studio
4609 Franconia Rd., Alexandria, VA 22310
Visit Darlene Kaplan's Web site: http://www.DarleneKaplan

  Traditional Chinese Brush Painting, Sumi-e, or
Oriental Brush Paintings
by Darlene Kaplan

Kaplan's Traditional Chinese Brush Painting, Sumi-e, or Oriental Brush Paintings Alexandria, VA. Award winning artist, Darlene Kaplan's Chinese Watercolors are for sale to private, business, and or corporate art collectors worldwide. All her paintings are on acid free rice paper, all are originals, no copies or reproductions of any kind. Chinese Brush Painter.

Darlene Kaplan is the Author of Two Books, borth are available for purchase on her Web site.

Darlene Kaplan teaches Ink Painting, contact Darlene for class information.

Phone: 703-922-4175
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YinYang Cat - Feng Shui Cats

Feng Shui Cats
by Chuck Quint

Signed, open edition art prints, each uniquely personalized with an original sketch by the artist.Printed with archival inks on fine art paper and matted in white

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Sumi-e Gallery,  Shirley Bickel
Bicke'l Studio

As a young adult I would visit the Art Institute of Chicago to gaze at the works of art in awe and bewilderment. I determined to express my feelings with a paintbrush rather than words.


Idelle Groat  Sumi-e GallerySumi-e  Milk Bamboo Sumi-e  Sumi-e  Sumi-e
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Shirley Harder Sumi-e Gallery Sumi-e  Sumi-e  Sumi-e
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Mina Hsing, Chinese Brush Painting

Chinese Brush Painting

Mina Hsing's masterful paintings demonstrate her expertise in realistic and abstract art. Mina's vibrant use of color and elegant design are expressed in oil, acrylic water color and metallic mediums.

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DraSan' Nitti

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Oriental Dragons, Giant Panda Paintings, Prints
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Hand Engraved Glass Oriental Dragons


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Hand Engraved Glass Dragon

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Lilith Ohan, Sumi-e Artist and Teacher