Panda CardsThese elegant Panda cards are perfect for when you send wishes or thanks for that someone special in your life & wish to send them the very best.
The panda art adorned on these cards are from the original sumi-e paintings by DraSan' Nitti. The cards are frame quality print

 The Note Cards measure 4 ¼ x 5 ½ printed on fine linen paper stock with white envelopes.

The Greeting Cards measure 5 ½ x 8 ½, printed on card stock and include envelopes.

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Panda & Cub Cards
Panda and Cub Panda Cards

Giant Panda Calligraphy "Happiness"

6 Panda & Cub Note Cards $15
12 Panda & Cub Note Cards $25
6 Panda & Cub Greeting Cards $24
12 Panda & Cub Greeting Cards $42

Giant Panda Cards
Giant Panda Cards
Giant Panda Calligraphy "Happiness"

6 Giant Panda Note Cards $15
12 Giant Panda Note Cards $25
6 Giant PandaGreeting Cards $24
12 Giant Panda Greeting Cards $42

Red Panda Cards
Red Panda Cards

6 Red Panda Note Cards $15
12 Red Panda Note Cards $25
6 Red Panda Greeting Cards $24
12 Red Panda Greeting Cards $42